TAGFx is a web 3.0 based graphics, 3D and marketing based company. With roots in web 2.0 we understand what traditional customers want whilst having one foot firmly in the future.

The TAG Fx team are experts in Adobe Creative Suite and 3D Rendering software. They do everything from business card design to video editing. They even work in traditional media such as acrylic, watercolour and oil painting.

Whatever your design needs. TAGFx can help.

3D Modelling & Animation

As a leading art outsourcing studio, TAG fx provides services in many different fields, starting from creation of concept art and wireframes to more demanding tasks like 3D modeling, animation, and VFX. If you share your vision with us, we will see to it that it is brought to life and exceeds your expectations.

Whether you are in search of low- or high-poly models, our expert modelers will get them done at top speed and at the high level of quality you deserve. As an experienced 3D outsourcing studio, we ensure you receive everything that your project requires.

2D Infographics & Animation

At TAG fx we excel at tailoring your infographics to any particular need so it delivers measurable results for your business.

First of all, we start with helping you to define the objectives and performance indicators for your infographics so it has the right format, style, language and performs accordingly.

Secondly, we do recognise the importance of brand identity and will offer creative solutions that could be seamlessly integrated with the rest of your marketing materials. Lastly, social is a continuously growing media and a platform where your infographics could maximise its reach across relevant demographics.

Our aim is that your infographic is optimised for sharing and generates maximum response rates.

Logos, Posters & Marketing Material

Whether your business is online or offline, good marketing is paramount if you want to maintain a steady stream of customers. While a business website is a vital component for success, you  can’t ignore the importance of well designed, printed marketing material.

Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, leaflets and posters go a long way towards establishing your brand in customers’ minds. They represent your brand and continue to work for you even when you’re not around. Therefore it’s very important for you to have attractive, well-designed and non overloaded marketing material.


Web Design & Development

The TAG fx team have over 20 years of commercial website design experience, with a focus on WordPress, SEO, Website Security, and Social Media Marketing.  This is what makes us a leading WordPress Website Design Agency.

We’re passionate about the web, and supporting the businesses who we work with.  We help to support businesses with their website design projects, marketing, branding, and more.

Whilst we often work with frameworks we are also able to develop bespoke solutions should our client require that.

If you’re looking for a high quality website, built to perform from the get-go, you’ve come to the right place.

Video Editing & Special Effects

We produce a variety of video content for all purposes across multiple industries and genres. We know that video content is the most important marketing tool in the world today, and we have the skills and experience to make your content stand out.

Whether you’re a big brand looking to corner the market with a new product, a start-up business after video case studies, or even a band with your heart set on a music video that will help you stand out from the crowd – at TAG fx we have the tools, expertise and passion to bring your ideas to life.

All things Photoshop

Whether you are a professional photographer, graphic designer or have a collection of old photos in need of repair, we can retouch or manipulate any kind of image. Our Adobe Photoshop specialist company is based in the UK. We never outsource any of our services to other companies. All image work is carried out in-house.

We repair images that most studios reject, removing scratches/dirt, correcting colour/tone, as well as building up missing parts of any image.

Professional photo-manipulation service offering a flexible range of merging, adaptation, CGI inclusion, colour-correcting & pre-press solutions

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